The itoPad has 2 surfaces and each is uniquely designed to protect you and your laptop from heat. Both surfaces ensure air movement under the computer, and between your lap and the itoPad.

Upper Surface
  The upper surface has parallel channels that maintain a          continuous flow of air under the laptop. This ensures that        heat generated by the laptop is directed toward the side of the laptop and the heat does not get to your lap.

Lower Surface

The lower surface is designed to fit snugly over your lap giving a comfortable fit. The itoPad has strategically placed bumps on this surface that elevates the itoPad there by maintaining a degree of air movement under the itoPad preventing sweating.

This was a problem I had encountered with other laptop pads, but the itoPad is designed to counter that and keep you comfortable.    

Remove the itoPad from its box. Place the surface with the bumps on your lap and the channeled surface facing up. Place your laptop on this channeled surface and you're done.

How does it work?
Upper surface
Lower surface
Putting the laptop back on the lap
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