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In today’s world, any student going to college or graduate school will be working with a computer, that is a given. Either the student shares with other students, using the one at the school library or invest in a laptop they can use at will. The problem most students have when buying a laptop is their purchasing power.

Even though the price of the basic laptop has fallen, and stripped down net books are also available, it is still pretty expensive for the student on a tight budget. Students therefore have to search wide and far to find computers they can get at an affordable price. Some say that the best computers for students are used or refurbished computers. This might be true, but used equipment could easily become a nightmare if you are unlucky and get a roughly used one.

Some of the features which a student should be looking out for when investing in a computer are things like wireless connectivity, speed, hard drive capacity and battery life. Every student must get a wireless internet ready computer to be able to access the web from anywhere within the school and also from restaurants and coffee shops close to the school.

Another great feature a student must consider is the storage capacity of the laptops battery; that is its ability to hold a charge for a long period without needing recharging. Not all schools are created equal, some schools are up to speed, and they have renovated their infrastructure and provided power outlets at all desks or close by for the student to easily plug in their computer, while some have not been as innovative due to one reason or the other. So it will be to the best interest of the student to own a computer that will be able to hold a charge from one charge and not suddenly run out of juice.

Most students use their computer as a multimedia unit. It is their TV, DVD player, phone, picture album, file storage facility etc, so it s very important that you get a laptop with enough RAM and storage facility to be able to handle the multimedia you will be dealing with. Always make sure you purchase a computer that the operating system is compatible with what your school runs on. This is not usually a problem as most schools are up to date.  Check the different bundles which the computer seller is offering, It could be cheaper than buying the software as a single product.

Another approach to take when buying a laptop for cheap for use as a student is to buy a basic laptop with enough RAM and storage to get you going and then use your student discount at your bookstore to buy all the software you need for your laptop to do your school work. Invest early in an external hard drive and you will enjoy your laptop for a long time.

Any files or programs that you need should be downloaded to your external drive and not your computer hard drive. This prevents you from loading up your hard drive with info clogging it up; and therefore keeps your computer free from overloading which could lead to compromised speed and heating up.
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