Putting the laptop back on the lap
Do YOU feel a great deal of discomfort when using your laptop on your lap for long periods, as it gets incredibly hot? You're not alone.
Our patented product, the itoPad, will provide you a prolonged and productive relationship with your laptop.
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Inventor itoPad
Too Much Heat?
You have your laptop on your lap and it is getting uncomfortably hot.
Imagine frying two eggs on your lap

Protect your your future
"An elevation in heat has been known for years to cause fertility problems...and the heat from laptops is very localized, with exposure repeated often, depending on work use,"....
I had the same problem a few years ago. Prepping for the medical boards involved long hours with the laptop on my lap, but, I had to change positions very often, because of the discomfort from the heat from the laptop.   

I tried placing the laptop on books, and I even tried some laptop pads in the market, but none solved my problem. I took matters into my own hands, and improvised my very own heat dissipater.

I kept on getting positive responses from friends and family and I decided to transform my contraption into a finished product, the itoPad.

Excellent for the office, school, or home. Turns any environment into a comfortable work or play station.

Inventors Story
Arches for the lap
  • Archs that fit over your lap
  • Non-slip, non-skid surface
  • Allows air flow under the pad.
  • itoPad Channels
  • Moves air under the laptop
  • Keeps the heat away from your lap
  • Dissipates heat from your laptop
Channels that move hot air out
Keeps the heat from the laptop off your lap

Dissipates the heat from your laptop

Protects you from heat burn

Moves air underneath your laptop thereby
aiding in the cooling of your laptop

Weighs less than a medium cup of coffee

Easily fits into your laptop bag or school bag

Work longer or play games longer with your laptop

Work in comfort and Increase your productivity
  • Unique design fits over the lap
  • Elevated bumps maintain air movement preventing sweating
  • Made of anti-skid, anti-slip material

Benefits to you
  • The itoPad addresses the issue of sweating   between the laptop and the users lap. It is the only product in the market that solves that problem

  • The itoPad works without energy, no fans or wires sticking out

  • It is made entirely of a non-slip material that   prevents sliding or slipping.

  • Very easy to clean, just wipe with a clean cloth.

  • The itoPad measures 30 x 32 x 2.5 cm, made from EVA foam and has a universal fit.

itoPad + Why it's better
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itoPad protecting your body
  • Keeps the heat off your lap
  • Dissipates heat from your laptop
  • Has an all round cooling effect
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